Translation is a process by means of which a target language text is created on the basis of a source language text, in such a way that the content, and frequently the form, of both texts are considered equivalent. Nonetheless, it is often the case that a translation is no more than that: a translation, which can be used for information purposes only and which cannot replace or be considered equivalent to the original, as is the case with many sworn translations.

eurolink specialises in the following fields:

Legal and financial translations (contracts, deeds, financial statements and reports, etc.)
Sworn translations (official translations of all manner of documents, authorised by Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for submission before official bodies, notaries, registries, courts, etc.)
Creative translations (advertising, copywriting, business and multimedia presentations, brochures, tourist guides, etc.)


All translation requests are subject to careful study. Once the text, deadline and purpose of the translation are understood, eurolink will accept the job if it can guarantee a perfect result, applying a surcharge for urgent jobs only if the deadline calls for an exceptional amount of out-of-hours work and/or the joining together of work by different translators. If the deadline is so tight that it means the translation cannot carried out satisfactorily, eurolink will reluctantly turn the job down.